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Long-standing provider relationships
Higher discounts
Superior customer and provider service

In this era of American healthcare

  • with providers, insurers and employers finding a greater demand for healthcare coverage and fewer dollars available to pay
  • a growing and aging population
  • with healthcare inflation on an upward spiral

It’s time for a new solution!

Long-standing regional focus ensures greater benefits
Founded in 1989, our mission at Independent Medical Systems, Ltd. (IMS) is to offer the highest quality Multi Level - Managed Care Services possible, that are customer driven and outcomes based. By concentrating on quality of care, customer and provider service and building strong relationships with providers and payors, IMS has found the better way.

Higher discounts
While our PPO has grown to over 70,000 directly contracted providers including 40,000 physicians, 500 hospitals and 30,000 ancillary providers we continue to maintain a local approach through long-standing relationships we’ve established with many of our providers. We believe these relationships enable us to offer a level of experience unparalleled.. These include the level of quality of our provider network and significant discounts extended by our professional healthcare partners from their normal retail charges – discounts which, many times, are higher than those offered by our competitors.

Our skilled, experienced staff has been serving health plan providers and payors since 1989 by creating integrated, flexible, quality solutions for health-plans management and claims-paying needs. We work at processing claims quickly and efficiently to ensure prompt payment. Our staff, in combination with strategic partners, ensures that the products and services we offer our customers are supported by Internet capabilities built on the latest technology. This includes full EDI capabilities, real-time turnaround, HIPAA compliance and pre-developed and ad-hoc reports


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