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With the cost of health premiums increasing faster than the overall inflation rate, and co-payments, deductibles and employee shares of insurance premiums outpacing wage increases, it’s clear the resources of our present medical system are troubled in meeting population needs for affordable coverage or adequate insurance. More and more people are becoming under or uninsured. At the same time, more and more employers and insurers are struggling with the trade-off between the cost of paying for healthcare and their ability to offer a quality benefit package without limiting choices.

With that in mind, Independent Medical Systems, Ltd. (IMS), a Texas-managed healthcare system, has worked to create a high-quality preferred provider network covering every healthcare specialty.

While putting together its PPO of more than 70,000 directly contracted providers with over 40,000 physicians, 500 hospitals and 30,000 ancillary providers across the nation, IMS has spent years listening to those on the front lines of healthcare. Company representatives visited with many Texas-based physician organizations, listened to their concerns and worked with them to establish criteria and educational tools to make its system an efficient, provider-approved, user-friendly program. Thanks to the forward-thinking staff at IMS, this network surmounts the headaches payors, providers and patients have struggled with in other PPOs.

Because of the relationships we’ve established, our healthcare professional partners have agreed to extend significant discounts from their normal retail charges – discounts which, many times, are higher than those offered by our competitors.

For payors, our PPO simplifies the purchase of healthcare products through comprehensive packaging, can be customized to meet specific geographic and service needs and is supported by on-line services and technology that cut through administrative hassles.

To find out more about IMS Products and Services, call IMS at 1-800-853-7003

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