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A cut above in cost savings
A cut above in customer service

Independent Medical Systems (IMS) believes its products and services, including our high-quality team of providers and our ability to listen and adapt to meet customer needs:

  • shift the focus of healthcare once again to quality patient care.
  • provide a hard cost savings that parallels or exceeds competing carriers and networks.
  • lower your healthcare inflation rate compared to that of the industry as a whole.

This type of healthcare approach puts us a cut above!

Our preferred provider network consists of more than 70,000 directly contracted providers which includes over 40,000 physicians, 500 hospitals and 30,000 ancillary medical facilities nationwide. We have long-standing relationships with many providers and have spent time listening to their needs. This has resulted in securing for our clients higher discounts for services rendered than many of our competitors have been able to secure.

Our focus in all we provide and do is driven by a philosophy of customer service, which drives every aspect of our business. We’re intent on building relationships with our clients and not just having them try us out. Our customer service representatives are trained to have a mindset of listening to discover needs, for continually improving our services.

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