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Independent Medical Systems, Ltd. (IMS) is proud of the participants who compose our nationwide preferred provider organization.

Intent on making our system of healthcare administration the best it can be for providers as well as clients, we communicate with our providers in an ongoing basis. Company representatives visit with many physician and provider organizations, listening to concerns, working with them to establish criteria and educational tools to make our networks an efficient, provider-approved, user-friendly program. Thanks to the forward-thinking staff at IMS, this network surmounts the headaches payors, providers and patients alike have encountered with other organizations of this kind.

Another hallmark of IMS’s relationship with our providers is our commitment to maintaining long-standing relationships so each sector of the healthcare industry we work with benefits. These relationships are built on a philosophy of listening, growth through mutual benefit and meeting needs, and providing dedicated support. Our online support includes enabling providers to

  • Gain quick response to their claims status inquiries.
  • Update their provider information online.
  • Apply for membership in our IMS network or nominate a fellow provider.

Request a copy of their contract.

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